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Jim Atwood

Army Officer, Charmer, Entrepreneur, Collector, Risk Taker Rogue & Con Artist

by Kenneth Alford

Well illustrated and the story of Jim Atwood who wrote the first book on German WW 2 Daggers in 1965, which really started the Interest in German Daggers and other Military relics. Atwood was a major seller of Daggers and Militaria, and was world famous in this realm. He was a US Army Intelligence officer in Berlin when the Wall was built and a Combat Korean war Infantry Officer.

George Petersen helped to supply much information to Atwood for this book. He was dealing with him on Military items in 1965 when stationed at Ft Myer Virginia with the US Army's Honor Guard the 3rd Infantry Regiment. After service in Vietnam Dec 65-Dec 66 Petersen was again stationed in the Washington DC area. After getting out of the Army in July 1967 he then worked with Atwood in his Military business until Atwood moved in 1968 to Georgia. In 1990 Petersen again worked with Atwood doing the buying of the East German Hollywood stock of Historical German Uniforms and related items.

Jim Atwood Book